Hi, I‘mFabio Borella

full stack and mobile developer

I'm currently based in Como, Italy. I like to work on creative projects, where both technology and design are key aspects. I like experimenting with embedded hardware and manufacturing processes.


Open source platform for 3D printers, CNC, lasers

Fuse is an opensource platform to manage 3D printers, CNC or any GRBL/Marlin devices. It aims to be modular and pluggable, to be easier for developers to extend and to be prettier to users compared to other platforms.

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Alpha stage


Videocall platform for consultants

Smash is a video call platform allowing users to easily book calls with consultant. Any consultant can sign up for free for the service and can also get paid for its service directly through the platform, acting like a bridge between client and consultant using Stripe Connect.

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Soft skills review app

FEEDBACK is an app the allows co-workers to review themselves based on soft skills. Any users can sign up for free and connect their contacts to allow a secure connections between the network.

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