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2017 - 2020
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Feedback is a platform for the review of soft skills among workers aimed to be used both within large agencies to be able to reward their employees and between individuals and professionals.

Feedback App


Feedback allows you to evaluate who you know, by matching the user registration data with the data in the user's phone book. Through a simple screen, users can evaluate the soft skills of colleagues or professionals with whom they have worked.

Match users with contacts

Feedback uses an association system for registering users with their phone numbers, similar to how instant messaging apps do. The system was implemented with the primary objective of user privacy, encrypting user contacts and maintaining a high level of security.


The app communicates via API, created with Laravel and relying on a MySQL relationship database. While the queries requested were not overly complex, work has been done to optimize the work queues for notifications and the search functions.

Report generation

Within the app, the user can generate a report on their evaluations in PDF, which is useful for any interviews or reviews within the company. At the technological level, the generation was implemented both at the device level (generated on iOS) and at the remote level (PDF library on the backend) so as to be made available publicly, should the user wish it.

Tech stack

  • Swift as the main language for developing the iOS application
  • Laravel as the main PHP framework for API service
  • MySQL as relational database

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